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Shipping Options & Rates

Please choose the topic of interest: Do you ship orders to my country? What are the shipping costs? Do you offer free shipping? When will I receive my order? What is my tracking number?

Do you ship orders to my country?

Currently, we can ship to selected countries within the European Union. Unfortunately, we won't be able to deliver if your destination is in EU, but not listed as an option in country selector or you live outside the EU.

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What are the shipping costs?

We are based in and our primary market is Baltic States region, so naturally deliveries to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be the quickest and least expensive, but we always try our best to offer attractive and competitive shipping prices to all other destinations within EU.

The following table shows the estimated shipping costs to the selected countries and if they qualify for FREE SHIPPING depending on the value of the order.

Please note that shipping costs are based on a number of factors such as shipping method you choose and the weight of the parcel.
Exact shipping costs are calculated during the checkout.

CountryPriceFree Shipping
Estonia€3 - €5Above €70
Latvia€3 - €5Above €70
Lithuania€3 - €5Above €70
Austria€5 - €20Above €200
Belgium€5 - €20Above €200
Bulgaria€5 - €20Above €200
Croatia€5 - €20Above €200
Czech Republic€5 - €20Above €200
Denmark€5 - €20Above €200
Finland€5 - €20Above €200
France€5 - €20Above €200
Germany€5 - €20Above €200
Greece€5 - €20Above €200
Hungary€5 - €20Above €200
Ireland€5 - €20Above €200
Italy€5 - €20Above €200
Luxembourg€5 - €20Above €200
Netherlands€5 - €20Above €200
Poland€5 - €20Above €200
Portugal€5 - €20Above €200
Romania€5 - €20Above €200
Slovakia€5 - €20Above €200
Slovenia€5 - €20Above €200
Spain€5 - €20Above €200
Sweden€5 - €20Above €200
United Kingdom€5 - €20Above €200
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Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! If your order meets the minimum order value to qualify for the free shipping, you will see such an option under shipping methods at checkout. Current minimum order value required for free shipping is listed in shipping cost table.

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When will I receive my order?

Once the order is complete, you will receive a notification with an estimated delivery date. The following table shows current delivery times. You can also login to your account to check the status of your order.

Please note that while we do our best efforts to deliver your purchase within the estimated timeframe, despatch and delivery times are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

CountryDelivery Within
Estonia1-2 business days
Latvia1-2 business days
Lithuania1-2 business days
Austria5-6 business days
Belgium4-5 business days
Bulgaria4-6 business days
Czech Republic5-7 business days
Denmark3–4 business days
Finland3-4 business days
France4-5 business days
Germany4-5 business days
Greece5-7 business days
Hungary4-5 business days
Ireland5-6 business days
Italy5-7 business days
Luxembourg4-5 business days
Netherlands5–6 business days
Poland4-5 business days
Portugal4-6 business days
Romania6-9 business days
Slovakia5-6 business days
Slovenia4-5 business days
Spain4-6 business days
Sweden4-6 business days
United Kingdom4-6 business days
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What is my tracking number?

If the selected shipping method provides tracking, you will receive a track & trace number with ‘Shipping Confirmation’ email and SMS. There you'll also find a link that you can use to view the tracking information.

Please note, that in some cases it can take up to a day before you are able to see the tracking number online. However, sometimes an error may occur due to the carrier. Therefore, we advise you to contact us if you are not able to track your shipment with provided track & trace number even 24 hours after dispatch.

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