Raze Energy

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Raze Energy

Energy to perform
Energy drink that supports improved power and performance, boost in stamina and hydration.
Raze Energy
  • Supports mental focus
  • Enhances muscular endurance
  • Improves power and performance

Raze Energy takes a giant leap of faith with instilling a high quality formula to bring a powerful yet sustained, energetic experience to help push your workouts and focus in general to the very next level.

Powered by the enhanced REFRESH technology, Raze Energy aids in multiple different categories which includes; targeted focus, enhanced recovery time as glycogen becomes depleted, improved clean energy levels, boost in stamina and hydration.

Most importantly, each can of Raze Energy has absolutely zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbohydrates to give you a smarter and healthier option. You shouldn’t have to settle for an energy drink that contains more sugar and carbohydrates than you can count. Instead, opt for the smart choice with Raze Energy.

Repp Sports - Raze Energy


Consume one can 20-30 minutes before exercise or other situations when you need extra energy.

Advisory Information:

Store in a cool dry place. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Do not use as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of young children.

Although we make every effort to ensure product information is up to date, please always read labels, warnings, and directions provided with the product. If in doubt, please contact us or check manufacturer web page for more information on product.


Nutrition Facts

1 Serving Size: 100 ml
Amount Per1 serving473 ml%DV*
Energy value2 kcal
8 kJ
10 kcal
40 kJ
Fat0 g0 g**
Saturated0 g0 g**
Carbohydrate0 g0 g**
Sugars0 g0 g**
Protein0 g0 g**
Salt0 g0 g**
Caffeine32 mg151.4 mg**
* Percentage of Daily Value per one full serving.
** Daily Value is not established.
Ingredients / Other Ingredients: Carbonated water‌, acid ​ (citric acid‌,malic acid)‌, taurine‌, caffeine1‌, acidity regulator ​ (potassium citrate)‌, L-tyrosine‌, choline bitartrate‌, BCAAs ​ (L-leucine‌, L-isoleucine‌, L-valine)‌, L-carnitine L-tartrate‌, flavourings‌, sweeteners ​ (sucralose‌, acesulfame K)‌,preservatives ​ (potassium sorbate‌, sodium benzoate).
Info: Ingredients and their nutrition values are shown for product in Sour gummy flavor. Other flavors might have some differences.


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